About Us

About Us

Hong Leong Technology CO.,LTD

Our mission has been “Continual Renovation, Service First” since it was established in 1999, and we are moving toward the development and research on electronic components production and tests. We have formed alliance with the industry, hoping to produce machineries with higher quality, and to provide satisfying service with honesty and integrity for our clients in electronic components manufacturing. Our company is located at Taoyuan City, Taoyuan county with focus on the product development and service. We are committed to the development of Sales Department, and our Dong Guan plant in China is doing its best to provide customer service in a timely manner to ensure the clients with guaranteed production.

In this fastmoving electronic industry, all employees in Hong Leong hold the same vision:creating the future along with our industry. We shall fulfill our mission on the technical development and research,and hope to work with the industry hand in hand.


Taiwan:NO.1 Feng cheng street, bade district Taoyuan city, 33449, Taiwan, (R.O.C)

China:Xiniubei Management Zone, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Our customers in worldwide
such as: Japan, America, Korea, Brazil,England,China,Taiwan .

Main Production Equipment

  • I. Axial Lead Resistor Equipment

    Axial Lead Resistor Welding Machine Wirewound Resistor Winding Machine Ammo Packing Machine Axial Type Taping detaping machine
  • II. Chip Resistor Equipment

    Magnets Sorting Machine Chip-resistor Dimension Sorting Machine Chip-resistor Second Breaking Machine
  • III. Consuming PartsProcessing

    Chip-resistor Taping Machine Index Table manufacturing welding consuming parts
  • IV. Customization machine and process requirement

Business Items

  • HL-960 welding+520Rrear taping +520F front taping
  • HL-961 welding
  • HL-200P winding + 328de-taping+ 550 pre-taping
  • HL-600P fine wire winding machine
  • HL-318 de-taping head - for conveyor coating line
  • HL-899 ammo packing machine – for Axial Type
  • HL-580 second breaing machine – for Chip-resistor, bowel feeding type
  • HL-168 Magnetic sorting machine
  • HL-169 Chip-resistor dimension sorting machine
  • HL-58 Axial resistor bulk packing machine
  • HL-199 Big ceramic tube wire wound machine
  • HL-198 Ceramic plate wire wound machine
  • All details of specification attached in individual catalog, please refer product pape......